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From its foundation in 2012 Riverside Communications has provided clients with a bespoke consultancy service delivered by highly experienced professionals. We are convinced that there is a role for small, agile agencies like Riverside to both complement and supplement a client’s in-house communications and public affairs capabilities.


We aim to act as an extension of our client's existing comms and public affairs functions. Whether you are faced with a one-off crisis, or the need to review or restructure, we can help you to meet those challenges. 


Our philosophy has always been to invest in talent and expertise rather than structures, and our regular team, with decades of experience between them, can be reinforced by our extensive network of specialists as and when required. We believe we can provide a powerful cost-effective alternative to larger agencies. 




16th April 2021

It really should be about what you know, not who you know: When David Cameron famously predicted in 2010 that lobbying was “the next big scandal waiting to happen” he cannot have imagined that he would be the one caught in the headlights...  Read more >

9th March 2021

Time to shine a light on lobbying dirty dealing: COVID-19 has not been a good time for lobbying transparency, but as we emerge from the lockdown it seems a good time to shine ... Read more >

9th Feb 2021

Homes, Roads and Rail offer multiple opportunities for UK Lobbyists:  As arms are jabbed faster than almost anywhere else in the world, the UK has finally found a vital delivery mechanism where it can make a genuine claim to being ... Read more >


15th Jan 2021

Why I am looking forward to lobbying after lockdown: Nine months ago, when the UK entered lockdown for the first time, my initial view was that it might even make life easier for public affairs consultants because MPs and officials ... Read more >

18th May 2020

Bolt, the UK’s second biggest private hire vehicle (PHV) operator, appoint Riverside to expand micromobility, e-scooter and electric bike offering across UK.  

5th Feb 2020

International Air Transport Association (IATA) bring in Riverside on political engagement piece. Riverside will also offer ongoing strategic advice throughout 2020 following a competitive tender.


5th Jan 2020

Free School Breakfast campaign bears fruit with DfT extending funding.


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